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Medical Service Plan (MSP) pays the hospital bills, why do we need Living Benefits Coverage?

You are right! MSP pays for the cost of needed medical services. These are the "medically necessary" services you get from physicians, dentists, and surgeons. If your doctor requires you to take eye exams, MSP covers those too. We do not need to pay anything. Our MSP covers our medical bills.

Then you may ask why we need Living Benefits Coverage?

If you are sick or injured and need to stay in the hospital for weeks or months, will it affect your income without depleting your saving? Our bills continue, like rent, mortgage, food, cell phone bills, health supplement, medical appliance etc.

Even you just stay in the hospital for a day, the next day you want to go back to work because you don't have income to continue food on the table.

Living Benefits Coverage is cover the missing gap the MSP does not provide. While MSP covers your medical bills, Living Benefits Coverage gives you extra tax-free money directly to your pocket. You can use it wherever you want and you have a choice to stay home to have a full recovery before going back to work. So that you won't have financial stress.

"Buying insurance cannot change your life but it prevents your lifestyle from being changed. An illness can wipe up an entire family's savings that they have saved for decades by the medical bills. You will not turn bankrupt because of buying insurance but you will cause your loved ones to turn bankrupt if you don't." Jack Ma

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